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Supporting autosport is not only profitable but also prestige.
Here are 10 reasons why big companies are sponsoring autosport:
1)Autosport is one of the most popular sports not only in Latvia but also around the world,
2)Advertisements are seen by people with money,
3)More than 200,000 spectators visit various autosport events in Latvia every year,
4)More than 600 articles about autosport are published in press in Latvia every year,
5)There are a lot of TV shows showing all kinds of autosport events every week,
6)Autosport allows to put bigger advertisements than a lot of other sports,
7)Speed, dynamics, power a good leading motive not just for autosport but also for your company,
8)The sponsors of autosport are given exclusive chances in taking part in creating autosport and even sense the feelings of autosport,
9)Sponsor can get discounts for taxes,
10)If you would like to participate in creating autosport we will welcome you! cedrus_tropos@inbox.lv




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