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a/s Rigas Siltums winter cup challange [333 go-kart track, 29.01.2005]

This time we had a different kind of race. But it still was a real track and racing spirit. We chose go-kart track which was located in sports complex “333” (www.333.lv) near Riga. The event name was “Rigas siltums winter cup challenge”. I will just mention that you shouldn’t had to be en employee of Rigas siltums to take part in this rally.

Starting with a couple of warm-up laps the race could start. In the first run there were 4 laps, in the second – only 2 because of lack of time. As the track in the morning wasn’t as slippery as later when a lot of the cars were already finished, some of the drivers misjudged the slipping level and got a little off the road. Fortunately the track is made so that you almost cannot harm your car when going off the road. It was important because most of the drivers didn’t have special race cars but normal every-day cars. As it was a slow race on ice there is no real difference if you have super car or not. It is all about driving.

Briefly about results. The cup was challenged in three groups. Shortly about two of them. In 4-wheel-drive group unbeaten was Maris Egle who got a time of 7:51 in the first run and 3:44 in the second, that way beating the closest competitor for more than 20 seconds. Most of the cars were representing Front-Wheel-Drive group. There were 3 winners. 3rd place went to Igors Zvjagins with a result of 9:05 in the first run and 4:34 in the second, scoring 40 points. Second place got Janis Jekabsons getting to the finish line in 10:31 in the first run and 4:24 in the second, scoring 41.5 points. The best result and the 1st place went to Edgars Lastovka with as much as 57.5 points which he scored with these results: in the first run 8:48 and in the second 4:24.

I have to mention one very young driver’s name: Janis Kravalis Jr who shared 4th/5th place with his dad in FWD.

We had some fun in the weekend in 333 and we hope it is not the last that kind of race.




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