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Rally Liepaja 2005 [14.-15.05.2005]

Rally Liepaja 2005 has finished.

This was our second gravel rally this year (the first was in Saaremaa, Estonia). This rally was very interesting and fast. Most of the shikanes we were able to go thru with the 3rd gear, unlike in Saaremaa where we had to shift down to the 1st gear. Only in some of the shikanes we couldn’t estimate where to start to brake, because they weren’t equal. That made us to sometimes go thru them slower than we could.

The only stage in the day one was the first stage in Nica. It went on some small track and was made more like a show for spectators than a real fight for seconds. The only reason to push harder was – after this small and short stage was regroup which means – the better you do this stage the better starting place you will have tomorrow.

Day two.
Second stage was also not very long but we already saw 3 crashed cars. At least two of them were because of shikanes – they made racers to go quite fast and very close to ditches which caused them to crash. They weren’t serious – just slipped into quite deep ditches.

The third stage was longer than previous one and it was also more dangerous and more interesting. I liked it most. We also saw one car off road. As it was longer the brakes were very hot and started to brake worse. Plus at the finish line where we stopped, a terrible burning brake smell filled our car.

The fourth stage was even longer. The road width changed very often from a wider road to more narrow and back. This was the only stage with some tarmac in it.

The fifth stage was the last one in this leg but before this stage referees screwed everything up. They were supposed to let racers in the track every minute but they let them in only every three minutes, which lead to a long line before stage 5.

After the first leg we placed 7th in our group.

Leg 2 was the same 4 stages just for the second time. In stage 6 we almost got into the same ditch where already was sitting one car from the previous stage. Luckily we managed to stay on the road.

We were slower in the same stages of the leg 2 than in leg 1. It was also because the roads were bumpier than going for the first time. We started to have engine problems in stage 8. So basically we only got to the end of that stage and finished the last one too without really racing. But we managed to finish this beautiful and interesting rally without any accidents.

We got 9th place out of 19 in our group and placed 31st out of 93 cars.

Due to various reasons we will have a little break in our rallying schedule until this fall.



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