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Race Calendar 2005
Liepaja 2005 [14.-15.05] - standart-car championship LV
4WD 9th place out of 19 and ABS. 31st place out of 93 article results
Saaremaa 2005 [Kuresaare, Estonia 22-23.04] - standart-car championship EE
4WD 10th place out of 11 and ABS. 31st place out of 143 article results
Koeru Talv 2005 [Koeru, Estonia 18-19.02] - standart-car championship EE
4WD 6th place out of 11 and ABS. 20th place out of 132 article results
a/s Rigas Siltums winter cup challange [333 go-kart track, 29.01.2005]
4WD 1st place out of 2 and ABS. 1st place out of 9 article 


Winter cup "Rullitis" [Jelgava 28.11]
4WD 8th place out of 16
Tartu Sugis 2004 [Otepaa, Estonia 20.11] - standart-car championship EE
4WD 7th place out of 16 and ABS. 23rd place out of 129 article results
Milzis 2004 [Cesis 4.09] - standart-car championship LV/EE
4WD 16th place out of 26 and ABS. 43rd place out of 110 article results

2003 (E.Valters/M.Egle)

Talsi [08.06] - standart-car championship LV
4WD 12th place out of 15
Liepāja [19.04] - standart-car championship LV
4WD 7th place out of 11
Gulbene [22.02] - standart-car championship LV
4WD 13th place out of 15


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