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[18.05.2005] Rally Liepaja 2005
Rally Liepaja 2005 from our point of view. You can also download a little modified result table, so it is easier to read. Our great photographer team Sandijs, Didzis and Ventis did an excellent job and took over 1000 shots. It is impossible to place all of them here but some of them are available. On-board videos are bad quality and only 6 out of 9 stages is on the tape. They will be available later.
[28.04.2005] On-board video available now
Now you can download our on-board videos from Saaremaa rally 2005. The quality isn't the best but still you can have a look from the cokpit.
[26.04.2005] Comments and results from Saaremaa 2005
Our comments and results from Saaremaa rahvaralli now available.
[26.04.2005] Saaremaa 2005 pictures
Under Galleries you can see some of the pictures we took in Saaremaa Rally. These are not all - there are more which are not published. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us. Most of the pics were taken by Liva and Sigita, thanks!!
[11.04.2005] Saaremaa 2005 brief annotation (LV only)
Thanks to Agnese Zardina for translating this text from Estonian to Latvian. You can find the original estonian official version in rally.ee homepage or on our server here.
[29.03.2005] Video added
Ott Laursoo gave us a video which he took in the last 12 Special Stage. We hit a snow bank in a tight corner and lost 30 seconds. We dropped down from 15th to 20th place absolute with those 30 secs. Thanks the author!!!
[28.03.2005] Forum started
It's been a few days since we started the Cedrus Tropos Racing forum. You can give your opinion about this page and exchange thoughts regarding rally in general.
[15.03.2005] Rally Ergli canceled 
Unfortunatly the planned winter rally in Ergli, Latvia was cancelled due to overestimated count of competitors. It is a pity because the planned total length of special stages (SS) was about 28 km (17 miles) and it was supposed to take place on the roads of Ergli region. Let's wish the organisers lots of luck in the next season and hopefully next year the rally will take place!
[14.03.2005] Homepage migration
Our homepage http://ct.from.lv has changed the hosting organization which means larger disk space for pics and videos.
[10.03.2005] AB G.Persson supports CTR
I am happy to announce that the company AB G.Persson has decided to sponsor us and gave us one camcorder to record our rally events. We will use it as an on-board camera in our rally-car. There is a special charging unit built for this camera to be able to use it in car. Only the physical mounting is left. Look for videos soon!
[25.02.2005] More pictures from Koeru Talv 2005
http://www.rally.ee/?a=a018&b=1991 > galeriid
http://www.rsracing.ee > galeriid
[20.02.2005] Koeru Talv 2005 
Article and Pictures
[07.02.2005] Cedrus Tropos Racing registered
Our sports club Cedrus Tropos Racing is now officially registered according to Latvian laws.
[29.01.2005] a/s Rigas Siltums winter cup challange
[24.01.2005] Racing calendar 2005
Racing calendar of 2005 will mostly consist of Estonian championship events and probably only one Latvian championship event. We chose to go this way due to various reasons: 1) our positive experience last year in Tartu made us think and compare such  route aspects as the length, complicacy and sapidity in Estonian and Latvian rallies; 2) it is only a little bit more expensive; 3) due to various reasons we probably won't start in summer races that's why their Harjumaa at the beginning of June seemed more attractive than whole 3 events in Latvian championship (Kekava, Talsi and Gulbis).
[21.01.2005] Car almost ready
It looks like finally we have solved painful problems with the clutch and the gear-box. If everything goes as planned we won't change the clutch for the 3rd time.
[17.01.2005] Homepage totally works
Finally the moment has come that ct.from.lv works stable in the new outlook. If you like you can put some banner or link to our page in your page.
[16.01.2005] Article added
Article about Tartu Sugis 2004 can be found here or in the races page.
[16.01.2005] Galleries added
Gallery from the winter cup "Rullitis" can be found here or in the galleries page.
[10.01.2005] Homepage got new design
Our homepage had received visual improvements. Cool, isn't it?


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